40 CFR Part 64 Subpart OOOO requires 95% emission reductions for every oil, water, or condensate tank that potentially emits 6 tons or more of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

These emissions targets can be achieved using Vapor Recover Units (VRUs) or flaring.

M-Squared has been designing VRUs since 1992. We pioneered and remain one of very few companies routinely employing O2 sensors up- and downstream of compressors.

We have developed and used innovations such as triple lip seals and re-generative operation to increase safety and efficiency.

M-Squared builds Class 1, Div. II, CSA packages for land and offshore use.

We use our custom-built Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or configure a compressor with controls meeting customer specifications.

Electric or engine driven vapor recovery units are available.

Most packages are between 5-100 HP and handle up to 500 MCF/D.

M-Squared offers advice on which is better for your application, VRU or flaring. We can design and build either system to meet your needs.